Rahul Who Codes..

" Be simple & Be creative  "

Hi, I'm Rahul (Fullstack Developer & Designer)

- A coder, who to play with codes & always ready to learn something new

I am curious & crazy, that's why I keep on learning, experimenting new things & am not done yet...!

" It's not always about how you code, it's about how you implement the code "

coming soon !

You can see my work at

" Coding is like, a magic power in my hand "

" Knowing my potential gives me confidence "


" I code to create something crazy out of it "

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" Small problems always help me solve the bigger ones "

Do you have any more sample mini-projects ?

Yes I do, The thing is, I write my sample projects on my free time and only publish them when it's been designed and ready in a way to show, So it takes time

Do you have any work experiences ?

Yes, 3+ years of my personal work experience which includes Web Design (development, testing, hosting, and auto-deployment), Content Creation, Image Creation, Web Security and few more technologies as you can see it in my work

What is your biggest strength ?

Well, I can adjust myself in any new technology and can excel very fast, but I prefer to be part of something that excites me

What are you looking for in your future work ?

Well, Anything new which involves Research and Development work if possible, to create something which is not yet exists and be a part of it

What inspires you ?

Nature, Music, Movie and Technology